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20/20 on 2020

by Erin Wakeland |

At this point, phrases like “goodbye 2020” but “cheers to 2021” may seem like stale crackers you want to like because they are the only ones in your pantry. We’re still going to be at home eating pretzels with our socks off come January 1st. 


But the hopeful spirit is as encouraging as the steady stream of vaccine news and I can’t deny this looming presence on the horizon, even though this sad charade has done a number on my good juju. 


When I’m feeling extra curmudgeon-like, I recite things I’m grateful for, even if it's simply this fantastic cup of coffee in front of me or a sliver of blue sky. 


I want to do the same exercise for Roos Roast: a year-in-review timeline, gratitude hybrid. There is much to be proud of: our capability to pivot and reimagine coffee  life, again and again and then again; our ability to give to mighty causes like the NAACP chapter of Detroit and the SAWC, and the resilience of the RoosCrew throughout all of this year’s huddles. 


So, here's what I found- looking back, at rough milestones. It was a  year that felt like a decade. Scroll down, zoom in, and enjoy calendar highlights and this look backwards. You were on this journey with us. 




 Here it is, in print form!


JAN 3 - Bustling cafes: Liberty tries out laptop free sundays for more brunch + chit-chat and less screen time




FEB 14 - RoosRoast caffeinates people en masse at the TedXUofM Event: Entropy: Attraction to Disorder 


FEB 17 -TofuBen Sandwich at Liberty = biggest news of the year




MAR 5 - BURRITO FRIDAY - remember that?


MAR 7 - last AA farmer’s market until who knows when!


MAR 12 - First spike of web orders


MAR 14 - First outdoor, impromptu farmer’s market on Rosewood lawn in response to A2 Farmer’s Market on pause.


MAR 16 - End of cafe-sitting era


MAR 16 - Transfer entire menu online for curbside /Take Out Only both cafes


MAR 23 -. Bye bye Avo Toast, hello Truck Stop Sandwich: introduce the new Grab & Go Apocolypse Menu at Liberty!


MAR 24 - Closed Liberty temporarily until the fall 


MAR 25 - Rosewood open for Take Out Only 


MAR 26 - New ½ gallons of Ginger Lemon Tea to Go! Good for the immune system!




APR 7 - Discontinue all food & drink. Rosewood is open for Essential Beans only. Reduced staff to a skeleton crew.


APRIL 17 - Roos Webstore and the No Contact Pick Up option going strong, people are hoarding coffee! 




MAY 1 - Opened the Rosewood cafe Take Out bar! It’s like Dairy Queen, but for coffee!


MAY 15 - Introduced Bulk Brews: Giant Chocolate Cold Brew & Lattes for home use!


MAY 21 - New fancy To Go cups arrive - 100% compostable of course


MAY 27 - John Roos makes yet more new sandwiches - enter THE CHEESY P !!


MAY 30 - Returned to the AA Farmer’s Market, except without brewed coffee!




JUNE 6 - Everyone learning to live life outdoors


JUN 15 - Raised $7,864 for the NAACP Chapter in Detroit!


JUN 18 - Begin install of SOLAR panels on the roof of Rosewood!!


JUN 29 - The Mills sisters, Laura and Jillian, paint the Roos delivery vans.




JULY 2 - Shop closes so we can attend the memorial service for beloved RoosCrew member, Coleen Huling. Oh our hearts.


JUL 7 - John Roos, Jozo, cats M + W, and interns Erin + Julian head to Frenchboro, Maine to sell coffee and run the Lunt’s Deli.



AUG 1 - Rosewood Lawn really is THE place to BE! (socially distanced)


AUG 2 - JR makes coffee and pie for Martha Stewart!


AUG 21 - Selling major art + coffee on Frenchboro




SEP 7 - The Lunt’s Deli season ends


SEP 15 - Construction begins to reimagine Liberty cafe


SEP 18th - New Lobster Butter Love Cold Brew!




OCT 5 - Reopened Liberty St. cafe with Take Out only set up!


OCT 16 - RoosRoast is officially running on SOLAR!!


OCT 22 - New website goes live!




NOV 3 - We voted!


NOV 5 - It’s getting cold! Begin construction for safe indoor coffee ordering at Rosewood.


NOV 22 - Thanksgiving GIVING: we raised $2,384.25 for the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County.


NOV 27 - We opened the inside of Rosewood to customers for a warmer take-out experience.




DEC 4 - Web sales soar as we send out so much coffee to all 50 states + Puerto Rico!


DEC 24 - We end our holiday season exhausted but elated. 



Being awed and humbled by the resilience of the RoosCrew, the support of our local community - YOU ALL - 

...and the continual and everlasting love of coffee! 


 GOODBYE 2020, and HELLO 2021!

Happy New Year to all of you,


Love RoosRoast

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