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A Holiday Contemplation by John Roos

by John Roos |

As I begin to write about Christmas in this season of 2021, I'm getting this feeling: All the energy flowing towards peaceful relationships - blissful, happy intentions, sweet and yummy things that are good for you. The scent of fresh cut pine and the nectar of honeybees waft through the air. Roasted, toasted, loving family times or deep reflective alone time. It's all bliss and full of perfection.  Wise, truthful  humans, not overindulging, gathering in harmony to celebrate the season.  And everything is good because you bought bitcoin early and your pants still fit. 

What planet is this on because I want to go there!

The more I pondered the holiday season the word *imperfection* comes to mind. 

I want to write about bliss but somehow the holidays would not be complete without chaos, disaster and damage. Because without these things, it wouldn't be human. Imperfection as a holiday theme is fun to ponder really, because trying to make things so perfect is when things go haywire. We're out of our routines. We start stacking. Stacking makes us stressed. In our drive to be perfect, we lose our focus and things get messed up. Burnt turkeys, fallen cakes, memory loss, you lose one airpod, your nephew is now vegan, relationships are strained, someone breaks your favorite mug, your kids don't thank you for the presents, supply chain issues, this is a mess...

Hey, let's relax a little more. Let's focus on the goodness, because it is there, too. Let's pay attention, slow down. You have to slow down to pay attention.  Don't say the first thing that comes to your mind. I'm going to call my mom now. She likes it when I call.

She doesn't drink RoosRoast, but I hope you do.


Love, John Roos aka Sober Johnny



a holiday contemplation with a typewriter, christmas story by John Roos

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