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Life on the Edge: A Procrastinator's Guide to Holiday Ordering

by John Roos |

Hey! How's that procrastination adrenaline rush going? Have you ever felt so alive?!* 

Listen, we appreciate you and your life, living on the edge, as you are.

But let's talk reality - space/time physical reality!

For getting your package to arrive by Dec.25,
if that matters to you


Can I order by....?

Thursday 12/16
A perfectly acceptable order date, your coffee is likely to arrive on time. OR JUST GET IT OVER WITH AND ORDER RIGHT NOW?!   

Friday - Sunday 12/18-19
Well, risk factor is steadily rising. It's the weekend! Mail system on weekends, who knows.  Might work?

Monday 12/20 
This is not totally a guaranteed FAIL. We here at RoosRoast are fast. It's just...other variables? Weather, lost mail, unpredictability of the stock market. Again, we ask:  why? 

Tuesday 12/21
Ooh, you like to ride it right up to the edge!! Probably not?...JUST DON'T!! Why do you do this to yourself? EVERY?! YEAR? Gift cards ?

Wednesday 12/22-24
Well, at this point you're on your own. It's your business and we're not going to harangue or judge you, we will just do what we can.

Just know that we will be on holiday on the 12/25-12/26. That brings us to...


Holiday Hours! For Both Stores!*
Christmas Eve: OPEN UNTIL 4:00 P.M.
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED (In honour of Canadians)
*we'll be with you in spirit, underneath the covers or practicing holiday yoga at 5am , because some of us are crazy like that!

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