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The 2021 Roos Highlight Reel!

by Hannah Stanton-Gockel |

Welcome to the 2021 Highlight Reel

Dear Roosters,

What a weird ending to a weird year!

Everything keeps... changing.
And yet, certain things remain the same.

Things like:
Our rabid love of all things coffee.
The spirit of... yes!
Having a good time, despite the whiplash.

Anyhoo - we put together a highlight reel of 2021, and you can kill a little time scrolling through it.

And just above, click on our important New Year's message - because we know you've been eagerly waiting to hear from us.

But seriously - thank you.
Seriously, let's keep in touch.
Seriously, let's keep enjoying the small things, like a delicious cup of coffee.
And let's do it together.

Bye Bye 2021, and Hello 2022!

With Love,

the entire RoosCrew of People

lobster butter dinner at roosroast coffee

Legend has it John gathered this lobster dinner for the RoosCrew from his buddies in Maine, straight from the ocean to... his paddle board? Then hauled the live little critters, cross country, in the back of his pickup truck.


Jake Elster from Crop to Cup, came by to chat about the reality of "bean to cup." That was fun! Watch the full presentation.


 Martha Stewart is also a badass woman. 


In May we re-published The Story of RoosRoast comic book! And you joined us on the lawn for a book signing! So famous.

The pergola went up! We learned the word pergola. Infact, the whole patio got a makeover, because during a pandemic, you need a good lawn.

Lookin' good, Rosewood. Almost too good.

musicians on the lawn

Music from outer space, on the Rosewood Lawn.

Peaches were picked! Flowers bloomed!


Hello Terracycle! Thank God for innovative recycling, just for coffee bags. Such a relief. (Keep 'em coming, people!)

Yeah so: Meijer went #deeplocal this year and added RR to their coffee offerings - wow! Meijer's order was so big, we needed a forklift to load it into the delivery truck. But southeast Michigan rejoiced! #SHARETHELOVE


No more plastic bottles of syrup: home-made and virtuous!


Drinking coffee in a REAL MUG again!

We got vaccinated and momentarily danced for joy - no more masks!

Oops, that was sadly brief. Okay, masks back on!


Can a robot deliver coffee to the market? Answer, no. Back to the trike, thank you Sophia!

Our outdoor rickety tables were too trashed, even for RoosRoast! Enter: Nice, new, shiny, red tables and chairs - holy upgrade!

You cried out longingly for the return of the Roos Avocado Toast. We listened. We created: AVOCADO TOAST #THROWBACK THURSDAY. Re-live the magic!

Heck, we could go on and on, but that would be boring, even for us.

You keep us thriving and we love you. So much!

Is that a tear? We're not crying, you're crying. Seriously, we're not crying, we just have saltwater in our eyes.

Onward to 2022!

Love, Team Roos

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