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We Met Through Coffee - Coffee Love Stories

by Erin Wakeland |

There’s something inherently intimate about coffee, right?

Maybe it's because it's the first thing you put in your body on any given morning or - perhaps it's the sweat equity that goes into transforming this unassuming cherry seed into liquid gold - from processing to roasting. We feel passionate love for coffee.

I had an inkling that once we sent out the "Call for stories about love and coffee", the flood gates would open, spilling out with beans and highly caffeinated cupids. After all, John and Kath Roos of RoosRoast met through coffee. Coffee can do magical things.

So, we'll start off with this story, as told by John Roos.

And then, read on: you will see- so many people who were bonded together by their love of the bean, people who had their first date at RoosRoast, people who met while working in coffee shops, and so much more.

Love and coffee is a thing and, clearly, RoosRoast is a matchmaking machine. 

Some stories are edited for brevity sake, but scroll through the informal data straight from the RR community that shows us this:

Forget the drunken bar scene - the coffee shop is an *awake* way to meet your next lover.



When the Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival called and said she wanted to have RoosRoast as the official coffee of the Festival, I immediately went to my boss, Pete Van Buren, at Dunning Subaru and asked for a week off. Of course he said no. 

He said, "hell no you can't have a week off to provide free coffee for a Film Festival!"

"Johnny, are you sure you want to even do that?" Pete thought for a second then said, "if you really want to, do it. You could use your vacation!" 

"My vacation? what vacation?" I said back. 

"You have a one week vacation coming..." 

"This is going to be a ton of work, man, use my vacation?" But this was also a really big deal for my small side business of roasting coffee. How did the director even know about RoosRoast? I needed to do this. 

After a minute I decided, OK fine, I'll use my vacation to single handedly roast, brew and supply coffee for a week to the movie goers at the Michigan Theater for the 46th annual Ann Arbor film festival and it's going to be the best coffee they ever tasted.

 That's how I saw, became obsessed with, and fell in love with my wife. The year is 2007.

It was really crazy how many forces were working in my favor for us to meet. The first one was a friend, Donna Ryen, who kept telling me about a nice Canadian girl who loved coffee and was going to introduce me to her. What is weird is that the same girl had a part in the Ann Arbor Film Festival, so before Donna was able to introduce me to Katherine Weider, she had already caught my eye. 

The first time I saw her I noticed she was moving at a purposeful pace. She was really focused and didn't spend time lingering around talking. There was something cool about her. Mysterious? She and her group of art students had built an Animation Station. People could make an animation which would be uploaded to a loop on a screen and on the final day of the Film Festival the animations would play. Every time I saw her she was rushing by. There she goes. She must have a boyfriend. 

The Festival was flying by and I was running wild but I did get to ask her, "How about a cup of RoosRoast?" She declined saying she only drank espresso. 

The next challenge was to bring in an espresso machine. When I checked into it the Michigan Theater freaked out, I was going to cut some holes, run some lines, put in some plumbing and change an outlet but not in the historic Michigan Theater. 

Well, the week went by and I never had the chance to speak with her again, but the big surprise came a month later when she called to buy a bag of coffee from me at work. I was feeling a bit embarrassed because I didn't think an artsy type like her would fathom buying coffee from a car sales consultant in a parking lot next to the dealership who also roasted coffee in a barn, but then she pulled up in a black 1998 Subaru Forester.

After she bought that first bag she kept on calling me to ask me what the combination was to the honor-system-self-serve-coffee-box I had set up at the Yellow Barn where I was roasting. Over the phone I'd joke with her and about the combination. "30-12-6 get your coffee fix." 

Time went by and she learned the combination so she didn't call anymore. I bought a house and moved on from Subaru and RoosRoast was now a feature at the Farmers Market. One sunny day I was walking in my new neighborhood to go downtown and get some internet, and I saw a friend, Michael Flynn, working on a scooter in a driveway. 

"Hey Michael, who's scooter is that?" I asked.

"It's Katherine's," Michael said.


And that is when she walked out of the house.

"Hey it's you the espresso girl."

"Hey it's you, the coffee Subaru man." 



"Can I use your internet? I have an espresso machine at my house right up the alley... "

After using her internet she asked me to cat-sit. The rest is history. Our son is 10, he's named after Katherine's grandfather, Jozo, and she is the love of my life and my partner in RoosRoast. 

-John Roos



My partner and I met three years ago at a coffee shop. We stayed there until they closed and they had to ask us to leave. Early in our relationship we would meet up at RoosRoast every Saturday. Three years later we now live together, have two cats, and make a stop to roos rosewood almost every single weekend! Cheers! We love you guys! Much love from - Ashley, Jacob, Kip, and Cosmo


My fiancee and I had our first date getting two slices and a pint and then walking to RoosRoast for nitro cold brew on a hot day! We bonded over coffee! 

I had had a few bad dates and didn’t want to schedule something long like a dinner and be stuck there, assuming this date would be like the others. I suggested two slices and a pint at Lucky's . We met outside so I could bring my dog. Turned out he had a dog too, so that’s when I met Rick and Tilly met Nimbus.

The date was so fun and conversation flowed effortlessly so after sitting at the picnic tables for long past our two slices and a pint, Rick didn’t want it to end and suggested walking the pups to Rosewood. He was a regular there and seeing his connection with the Roos Crew and how they knew his dog Nimbus was so endearing to me.

We both ordered the same thing without consulting: large nitro cold brew, no ice. So we bonded over our caffeine addiction. As we’ve gotten to know each other better I’ve realized the nitro no ice is reflective of what we both appreciate in life (not just caffeine)- things that are simple, high quality, community influenced, and sustainable.

We now live a 5 minute walk from Roos Rosewood, and last year suggested our then roommate, Christina, apply to Roos and we love stopping in to see her, Leslie, and everyone else. :) -Kate 

We met online but out first time meeting in person was at  a Starbucks. I was very nervous, he was overly confident. At the end of our night, he told me to go see and date other guys but to always remember that it doesn’t get any better than this (pointing to himself). I rolled my eyes...three 1/2 yr later, he used that same line in our wedding vows. -@datenightinthed

 The first time I hung out with Adam, we got some coffee at Roos downtown and walked around Ann Arbor, drinking our coffee and talking. He got an Americano and I think I got a honey vanilla latte with oat milk. We became good friends, then roommates, then a couple, and we just got engaged yesterday! We still go to RoosRoast together ❤ We love your Badass Women blend and drink it during our work-from-home coffee breaks.

Sudha Bhat




My wife proposed to me on Christmas by gifting me a Chemex and putting the ring inside. After I unwrapped it she asked me to open the box, I saw the rings at the bottom and started crying and she popped the question. On our wedding day in the final sentence of my vows I promised to make her coffee every morning. We love a good cup of coffee in this house. 

We got married in our backyard on Labor Day weekend in 2020. I’ve kept my vow to make the coffee every morning (in our engagement chemex). Her favorite is Lobster Butter but I’m more of a AA cowboy person myself. -Christine 



We didn't meet through coffee, but when we first met, my partner lived above Bongz & Thongz next to what's now your Liberty location. The first year or so of dating involved spending lots of time getting to know each other at Elixir Vitae and a lot of time of me doing work there hoping my boyfriend would stop by. When I walked in, Ed or whoever else was working there would automatically begin to make my drink. It became our little place and haven in the beginning of our relationship that’s been going on for seven years now. We now live in Los Angeles and order Roos beans to have at home! -Jaquelyn

My girlfriend (The Liz) and I (Meg) met at your 10th anniversary party in 2018. I had been wearing my swimsuit because I had been swimming in the pick-up truck pool made in the bed of a truck, and I caught her eye. We met over carrots in the food cart. We kept talking, and I asked for her phone number. She texted me, we went on our first date less than a week later, and the rest is history. :) Much later, I noticed that she is in the background of some photos I took at the party, before we ran into each other. 

We made sure to visit RoosRoast when we celebrated our first anniversary. We have since moved away from Ann Arbor, but we were sure to mail-order some Lobster Butter Love to celebrate our second anniversary last year. 

With joy, Meg and The Liz




My husband and I were working at the same coffee shop for months but never crossed paths. He was the roaster and I was a barista. Until, by chance on my last day, he came in on a Saturday and we talked for hours. After that we spent almost every day together and eventually we married last year with a coffee themed wedding. We have your coffee every morning, and it brings us closer together. :) -Melody Pigott

I met my husband at a coffee shop. He used to work at a coffee shop in Toledo, and I’d go in every week to study. Eventually we struck up a conversation and realized how much we had in common. We started dating and got married a few years later. We’ve been married for 5.5 years now and still love going out for coffee together! - Lindsay

I met my now life partner, Katherine, who worked at local Ann Arbor coffee shops back in college. I spent so much time there "studying for class" when really I just wanted to be able to hang out with her more. We are still in Ann Arbor as professionals, and RoosRoast is our definitive favorite shop!Though now (Covid) we pick up bags and Chemex at home and do crossword puzzles like old people.

In either case, we both consider Roos a staple of this community, and love anytime we get to enjoy some of your coffee *takes another sip of the Ethiopia bag we picked up last week*


Friendship Love! 

I used to barista at the downtown Ann Arbor Google Office, 2014-2015. My boss Erika and I met with John Roos at the Rosewood Roos and he gave us a tour, lots of coffee samples, and we arranged to use RoosRoast for our coffee source in the office. I was slinging coffees all day long, but met Allison and Jacqueline (who are Google employees) while they patiently waited in line. We somehow were able to build a friendship this way and they came to see me a few times a day for all their coffee needs, served with a warm side of loving sarcasm. They became dear friends and are my two best friends here in Michigan. While our relationship has grown, there still remains undertones of good coffee and bad jokes. -Sarah

My fiancee Meg and I met working for a local roasting company at a farmers market two years ago and we're getting married in May. Coffee has been one of things we have taken joy in despite the hardships the last year has produced and it continues to be a gathering and grounding point for us as we look to expand her baking business and eventually open a cafe of our own.

We both work for local cafes as baristas, and I do some sales/distribution as well. We would meet at 6am every morning to prep coffee and load up the van to take down to the market. Those early mornings were the beginnings of intimate conversations about life, love and coffee, and we’ve memorialized that by making each other coffee each morning and spending time preparing for the day together. -Drew  


My husband Matt and I have been married for over 15 years, but we fell in love with good coffee about 5 years ago. 

I never drank coffee growing up. I'm 38, and we didn't have a Starbucks in the small, southwest Kansas town where I lived. I didn't drink it in college in Florida, either, and on the rare occasion that I did try it, I thought it was awful. 

In 2003, I married my husband who cannot even get out of bed without coffee in the morning. He would drink cheap ground Folgers coffee in a normal drip coffee pot with half and half and sugar. Gag me. I should also mention that during that time I took a part-time job at a local coffee shop here in Virginia but I still hadn't developed a taste for it.

In 2009, my husband took a part-time job at Starbucks and mentioned that they occasionally served coffee in a french press. He said it was cool, different, etc.

I would never have thought growing up that I would love good coffee but now I cannot imagine my life without out. I have worked in accounting and as an executive assistant at an all-female law firm for the last seven years. I was in a meeting last fall discussing superlatives for the staff for a marketing piece and chose "classy coffee snob" for myself as a bit of a joke, but it's true.

What I try to explain to the women I work with is that specialty coffee doesn't have to be pretentious. It's affordable, local, and amazingly fresh when purchased from a local coffee shop. 

I honestly can't believe how easy it is to find good coffee online. Over the last five years, we have explored over 100 different blends from more than 75 roasters. I started sharing my love of coffee on Instagram and I have a pretty serious Google Sheet devoted to cataloging the coffee we've tried as well as keeping a list of which roasters to try next (see screenshot below). I also keep the bags stored away for a rainy day project. 

My personal RoosRoast favorite is the Bad Ass Women Blend. Take care.

To the next cup, Elisabeth Bunyan Bass   

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