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    The special, super expensive, very rare Jamaican is back this year. We know it, we love it, it fills us with joy and leaves our brains and bodies feeling like they were just hugged by a soft hammock and a warm sea breeze.


    This coffee is scarce and we're lucky to have it again! 80% of the JBM crop is sold to Japan, so getting your hands on it, is, well, not easy. If you do see it out there, it's often cut with other coffee. 100% Jamaican, which this is, is a great find for coffee geeks!

    The climate and soil in the Blue Mountains that make for a totally unique coffee. It really is amazing.

    The quality-control for this coffee is INSANE. So the coffee beans are really good, but also EXTRA care goes into the processing, sorting and vetting. In short, these coffee growers take the certification "Jamaican Blue Mountain" really seriously. 


    "It's silky and smooth, mild yet intense"

    "What is happening?!?! The hype is real!"

    "buttery cinnamon bark crisps"

    ** if you TRULY need this coffee ground, please leave us a note in the note section of checkout. 

    *** seriously we don't recommend grinding this exquisite coffee

    *This is a 12oz. bag of coffee*