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Nicaragua Regalo de Dios

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Amount  | 12 oz.

Grind  | Whole Bean

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    We are thrilled to have these natural-processed beans all the way from Finca un Regalo de Dios. The farm's name literally translates to, 'A Gift from God' and it couldn't be more true! This coffee is the perfect accompaniment to cozy winter mornings in front of the fire with your cat and might we suggest, cinnamon rolls?! Yum! 

    Situated in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range of northern Nicaragua, this farm has a rich biodiverse environment in a clouded forest, creating an ideal environment for coffee-growing. The farmers here are incredibly meticulous in every detail of growing and processing- and it shows in the resulting cup - clean, heavenly and sweet.

    The Roos Crew agrees that this is a natural process coffee for everyone. Jammy and sweet, well balanced and easy drinking!   

    Take this gift and pass it on.

    Or keep it for yourself!

    Region: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

    Altitude: 4,500-5,500 ft
    Varietal: Pacamara
    Process: Natural

    Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew

    strawberry jam, butterscotch, caramel, waffles and syrup, apricot, malted milk, sweet orange, raw cacao or a really fancy 80% dark chocolate bar, sweet but balanced  

    "waffles + syrup / strawberry jam / cacao"

    John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale:

    This coffee will make it easier to talk to your cat telepathically. You feel calm but focused, and also unknowable.

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