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Hario Hand Grinder

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    This Hario Hand Grinder is great for both beginners and pros! 

    The conical ceramic burrs allow for a more consistent grind for a smooth and well-extracted cup. Grinding your coffee before you brew is the single most important factor in making your coffee taste its best!

    This grinder has three settings and you can adjust it to taste.

    We love it as essential, portable coffee gear and a reasonable way to start your burr* grinder career.

    24g capacity 

    please note: This puppy is meant for single cup use - and keep in mind, it will take a moment of morning zen to hand grind your beans. We don't recommend it if you are making coffee for large groups of people, unless you want a work out. 

    *blade grinders heat the beans while they grind and don't allow for consistent, predictable ground coffee before you brew. Still better than buying pre-ground though, IMHO.