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Colombia Chiroso

Amount  | 12 oz.

Grind  | Whole Bean

  • Product Info

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took an Ethiopian coffee varietal and started farming it in Colombia? Well, turns out it'll create an award-winning coffee called 'Chiroso.' The Roos Crew is obsessed with this delicious new coffee! We're tasting notes of blueberry pie, macadamia nuts, cinnamon, and a hint of chocolate. 

    Chiroso won the Cup of Excellence award in 2014 but was largely overshadowed by Pink Bourbon varietals from Huila, Colombia due to Huila's popularity and access to the market. We're so excited to shine the light on this unique coffee from small farms in Urrao. Cheers! 

    Region: Urrao, Antioqua, Colombia

    Altitude: 5,900- 6,500 ft
    Varietal: Caturra Chiroso
    Process: Washed

    Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew

    macadamia nut, a hint of chocolate and caramel, subtle and clean, blueberry pie, easy drinking, jammy, full bodied, cinnamon, sweet. 

    "jammy / blueberry pie / cinnamon"

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