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Ethiopia Harrar

Amount  | 12 oz.

Grind  | Whole Bean

  • Product Info

    We're so excited to welcome this vibrant Ethiopian coffee to our lineup! This is a lovely light-bodied coffee with notes of strawberry cheesecake, milk chocolate and apricot. These coffee beans undergo an intensive sorting and defect screening process during the initial collection stage that sets this coffee apart from others in the region. 

    We think it's mellow, juicy and perfect on it's own! Dangerously drinkable. Cheers! 

    Region: Harrar, Ethiopia

    Altitude: 5,900 ft
    Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
    Process: Natural

    Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew

    mellow, strawberry cheesecake, banana, candy-like, 'dessert in a cup,' raspberry chocolate, smooth vibes, light body 

    "strawberry / mellow / candy-like"

    John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale:

    This coffee makes you feel like you're sitting still in an asteroid field.