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    Bulk Coffee Order Pricing

    Bag size: 8oz. *half pound bag of coffee*

    Blend Type: Any! Although, Lobster Butter Love make great gifts for pretty much everyone you know!

    • Wedding Favors
    • Baby Showers
    • Company Gifts
    • Client Gifts
    • Conference Hand Out
    • & more things you can think of... 
    • P.S. Our gift cards also make a good bulk gift!


    Pricing for 8oz. bags*

    • 49 bags or less: $8.00 / each
    • 50-99 bags: $7.50 / each
    • 100-199: $7.00 / each
    • 200 or more: $6.50 / each
    Prices are for whole bean  / add 50¢ per bag for any grinding.


      Custom Designs 

      • Add $50 for custom color screen print of blend logo
      • Add $75 for Custom stamp of provided logo design made into a stamp (black ink only - see a few wedding examples below).
      • Fully custom artwork is available, email laura@roosroast any requests and to receive a quote.


        Shipping & Pick-Up

        Bulk orders are not eligible for free shipping.

        Standard shipping costs or pick-up at our Rosewood HQ in Ann Arbor for free!