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Things We Care About...

Like, the planet!

Wow, this is a difficult time, for the planet and for businesses! RoosRoast is committed to being part of the change that needs to happen.  Keep reading for all the things we are doing to be a smart, ethical and sustainable business.

In 2015 we were the first roaster in Michigan to invest in the spectacular Loring Smart Roaster™. This roaster was damn expensive, yes, BUT it uses 80% LESS energy than an equivalent roaster of its kind! So, yes, we thought it was worth it.

We made a video about it and we made the news
Our latest, some-will-say-dumb investment is... Solar!
In the summer of 2020, RoosRoast officially got running on solar, covering every inch of our Rosewood HQ building with solar panels.
 We covered the roof of Rosewood with a full array of 75 solar panels 405 watts each.
 On one level, this was not “practical” business choice. It will be a long time before we ever make our money back.
But gazing at this panel makes us happy:
Going green is not easy or cheap. But we need to figure it out. All of us, together!
Thank you for supporting us and please join us in our efforts to address climate change and offer a great job in the deep local economy.


More Roos Enviro-Ethics Facts:

• We rely on trusted partners to find us ethically sourced coffee, from farms that serve their communities.
• You will notice, *most* of our coffees are Fair Trade Organic. (note: There are a few beans in our Lobster blend that we can’t get organic and sometimes a coffee where, while the farm is not certified, we know that they use organic processes, so we feel good about it.)
• We pay more for compostable cups and bags. Our next foray is to address single-use packaging. Stay tuned, a global pandemic is in our way at the moment. 
For now, get behind our Keep Cup!
• We care about RoosCrew. Since 2015, we've been working to make RoosRoast a sustainable job for our staff with healthcare, 401K and bonuses. You love our crew, we love each other!