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What People Are Saying About RoosRoast

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“I sent my sister who lives in Texas some Cowboy Blend for Christmas – she’s raving about it! Love the art on the bag, too. I’ve been using the small (empty) bags as stationary. Looks a little weird in an envelope, but man, what a great aroma when they open it!” - Mary Morgan, Ann Arbor Chronicle


“I just received a half-pound of Lobster Butter Love this weekend (thanks to a recommendation from a student of mine at our university). I was pleasantly surprised to see the personal note on the receipt. I just brewed a bit of the coffee this morning, and I was blown away…thanks for your excellent coffee and laudable customer service.”- Tom Faulkenberry


“Having a forced relocation to Colorado, I’m happy that I can still get my Roos Roast fix through mail order. The coffee was fresh and aromatic, just as I remembered. thanks again,Your coffee is the best.”- Mike Scholl


“Hello, I’m writing to tell you that I just love your coffee! I’ve tried many locally brewed coffees and have never tasted any that rival Peets coffee (from California). However, thanks to your Lobster Butter Love blend, I am no longer ordering Peets. Thank you!” - Barbara Salem


“You did It! Geoff brought home your French Roast done Illy style- we just brewed it up in our stovetop espresso maker and I have to say it is Magnifico!!! It is truly perfect- deep flavor, no bitterness, grind is very fine- Thank you!!” - Graceann and Geoff


“My son, Geoff Michael, brought me some of your coffee to try. I had it yesterday and today, and I think it is extraordinarily good coffee!. There is a quality to it that I can’t quite describe, but I’ll try: a wonderful depth of flavor, smooth [don’t know if that’s the right word to describe coffee], an overtone of something like chocolate. I know a great coffee when I taste yours! Congratulations!” - Margot Michael


“John, I bought a small bag of Lobster Butter Love for use at my b and b in Northern Michigan Neely House it was a smashing success! The guests loved it and so did I.” - Joe Neely


“John, Thank you very much. You have a loyal customer "Before trying your coffee I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all. The extent of my coffee consumption was the occasional latte from Starbucks which, sadly, was the best coffee I could find. I have tried on many occasions to create a decent cup of coffee but I had no success until I tried your Mexican Chiapas with the AeroPress. Now I am drinking upwards of two large (and very delicious) cups of coffee a day. As it turns out, I don’t dislike coffee, I just dislike bad coffee. Keep up the good work.” - Jens Wessling


“Roos, Just enjoying a cup of your awesome Lobster Butter Love that I made in a french press. Life is good. It’s been a blast getting to know you and your gang a bit at the farmer’s market. There is something so special about meeting people who are passionate about what they are doing in life. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and love your coffee! Great job!!!” - Keri


“I must respond in earnest to your coffee roasting abilities and fine tuning of skill. I first experienced Roos coffee at the home of my daughter and her husband, Amanda and Ryan Coulter. I am impressed with the intensity of flavor as well as the smoothness of effect. My husband Jim and I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and have experienced my coffees throughout the world. In fact, enjoying as well as experiencing coffee wherever I am, is almost certainly a favorite pursuit. I have to admit, you have essentially ruined any ability for me to drink inferior coffee. I am ‘HOOKED’ on your Organic Lobster Butter Love. I have a commercial espresso machine at home and I am anxious to try your espresso roast.” - Martha E. Split