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Want to join #teamroos? Let's talk! 


Hey, are you thinking RoosRoast looks like a cool place to work! Yes, it is! 
Occasionally, we have job openings for:
  • Baristas
  • Liberty Toast Kitchen People
  • Shift Mangers
  • Farmer's Market
  • Production
  • Printing/Prep
  • Delivery/Sales 
Interested? Before we even go further, some questions for you:
  • Are you passionate about working for a #deeplocal Ann Arbor business?
  • Can you get committed to drinking and serving awesome coffee and loving all the people, all the people, no matter what?
  • Can you roll with change, complexity and paradox?
  • Can you vibe in a hyper friendly, funny, over caffeinated atmosphere?
  • Do you like to work your ass off, like, seriously? *See note from John Roos below
  • Finally, do you love to clean?
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If you have these qualities and more, send your resume and  letter of interest to: and fill out the Job Application Form!

We offer a pretty good benefits package which includes medical,
dental, PTO and eventually, 401K matching, plus all the coffee you can
drink of course.
John Roos & Roos Roast set the standard for organized, clean, efficient work places. Johns background in restaurants, hotels, and in resorts around the world give RoosRoast the basis for excellence. If you are tired of standing around and talking at your job but would rather get things done and work then RoosRoast might have a place for you. Thanks J Roos!

Good luck and even if you don't end up working here, let's stay friends!
Love, RoosRoast