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june 1st, 2020
Dear Staff of RoosRoast,
I feel moved to write to you all, including those of you still furloughed -  about what's going on in the larger cultural narrative right now.  
This message is not about Covid, but about George Floyd. I feel moved to address it within our Roos community, of which you are all still a part.
Also, it comes from me. It is public - to you, but personal to me. 
 I am fairly confident that you, like myself, have bore witness to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis. You are also, no doubt, following and experiencing the anger, despair, and true anguish that this event has ignited -   within yourself, in our black communities and in our entire nation. 
As individuals and as a country, we are being asked to look at this event squarely in the eye, and to ask questions of ourselves: how is this possible? why is this happening? what can I do? what is my role here?
I'm sure you are all answering this question in your own ways. I know I am.
Yesterday, RoosRoast joined the larger community to "actively" silence our social media channel through #blackouttuesday movement. Before that, you may have noticed, Jacob and I just sat, mute, struggling with what to say, respecting the cultural moment, and feeling our own anguished hearts. 
For RoosRoast, as a collective, our mission is coffee - outrageous humor and play - and community. We love the way a cup of coffee brings people together, fuels ideas, creates conversations and makes people feel good, so they can do good things in the world. 
Our heads have been bowed these last few days, in respect and humble introspection. 
I want to defer to you all, and to your own inner wisdom on finding an appropriate response right now and I know you will. 
I find myself always returning to this quote from the Talmud:
Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief.
Do justly, now.
Love mercy, now.
Walk humbly, now.
You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.
   -the Talmud
What does "do justly" mean for you?
Personally, I need this saying above so much, that I created a chant for it, so I could remind myself of it over and over again. 
I sing it for myself and with groups I facilitate music with, so that we all might navigate "Right Action" as we go through the world. It's not easy.
I'm sharing a piece of myself with you now:
I trust your own sincere effort to "do justly" in the world, for I know you all share this desire with me. And thank you all, for being part of our RoosRoast family- for supporting one another and every single person who comes into our RoosRoast universe. 
thank you all, If there are specific ways that you personally have found to "do justly", resources you want to share, I encourage you to do so.
This is not a final statement, but it is an update, as I personally turn inward, muted, but listening, but also speaking up.