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“I sent my sister who lives in Texas some Cowboy Blend for Christmas – she’s raving about it! Love the art on the bag, too. I’ve been using the small (empty) bags as stationary. Looks a little weird in an envelope, but man, what a great aroma when they open it!” - Mary Morgan, Ann Arbor Chronicle

 "I love this place. I usually visit Ann Arbor every summer and fall. Last fall I was introduced to Lobster Butter Love and have had no other coffee in our house since. I order online when we are finishing up our last bag and it arrives in time so there is never a LBL free morning. With every single order, there is a postcard inside the box with a personalized handwritten message and they make me smile everytime. No travelling this year for us, so the online ordering is much appreciated. Thanks for being awesome!" - Melissa McMaster, customer
"This place has some fantastic coffee! I've tried all but the decaf brews, and love every single one! The customer service here is excellent, and everyone is so friendly and warm. It's a great place to grab your morning cup of coffee for sure! Thanks for being awesome Roos! :)" -Danielle Kearney, customer


"Hello Amazing Coffee People! Thank you for continuing to create your delicious brews through these crazy scary times. You may not realize it, but for some folks, your coffee forms part of a "normal" routine... and for coffee lovers like myself - more like a critical part of every morning. It's a creature comfort that reminds us of better times. 
I've been a loyal customer at your Liberty shop, regularly making the trek from Toledo to purchase Portland in the 90's every few weeks as my supply runs low (just placed an order online today, which is what prompted this email). Having traveled extensively in my career, I can definitively say that there is no other dark roast like this on the planet. Perfection!!
We miss the eclectic ambiance of the shop, but look forward to travelling up after the restrictions are lifted and happier times return. Until then, THANK YOU ALL for your amazing work and wishing you health and wellness.  PS - I have never written to effusively compliment a product of any sort in my life, but some things need to be said - even if only to an occasionally monitored generic inbox."
- Most appreciatively, Connelly's (Steve, Sarah, and Caroline)
"Great Coffee always! I moved to South Carolina and have it shipped in. I've yet to find anywhere local that's comparable in quality if I run out of Lobster. I wish someone could open one down here, but online ordering is great!"
-Adam Rasor, customer


“Hello, I’m writing to tell you that I just love your coffee! I’ve tried many locally brewed coffees and have never tasted any that rival Peet's coffee (from California). However, thanks to your Lobster Butter Love blend, I am no longer ordering Peet's. Thank you!” - Barbara Salem