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Get the most out of your RoosRoast beans with this incredible coffee maker! The AeroPress is turning into my all-time favorite brewing technology–The best tasting “right now” flavor of a cup of coffee comes from the first hot water hitting the fresh grounds. The AeroPress harnesses this essential part of great cup of coffee. That’s the central reason this coffee maker works so well! I can’t believe the flavor of the coffee these things make.

The AeroPress blends the immersion technology of the French Press with the fine grind of a drip method (it has a filter), and finally adds in the air pressure of an espresso-maker method. It makes a super smooth, super rich brew. It’s perfect for the office, traveling or when you want an incredible cup of Roos without heating up the whole espresso maker.

I call it the Poor-Man’s Clover which got bought out by Starbucks.

Includes 350 paper filters.

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Category: coffee making

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