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    We are thrilled to bring you our first ever microlot from Yunnan, China! Yunnan has been on the map for years now, but this rising star quickly faded as farms consolidated, traded down varietals and kicked out smallholders for more efficient Brazil-style estates that were needed for the volumes necessary to supply China's domestic supply chain. So small farm coffee is a rarity in China and we are excited to be trying it! It's taken our partners at Crop to Cup four years to develop relationships with smallholders and collectors in the Yunnan Province, such as Mr. Yi and Mr. Zhang. 

    In the far western corner of the Yunnan Province, near the Myanmar and Laos borders, lies Baihu(White Tiger) Mountain, a steeply sloped, subtropical region ideal for coffee plants. Mr. Yi and Mr. Zhang each source from roughly 100 smallholders, most growing on terraced farm plots due to the steep slopes. The smallholders supply coffee cherries to the washing stations where they are floated, washed and dried. So this is fun: a delicious, silky smooth coffee tasting of cinnamon, tobacco and malted milk balls - from China! Cheers! 

    Region: Baoshan, Yunnan Province, China 

    Altitude: 4,920 ft
    Varietal: Catimor
    Process: Washed

    Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew

    Peaches, tobacco, cinnamon, malted milk balls, hearty steel cut oatmeal, green apple, mellow and silky! 

    "tobacco / malted milk balls / green apple"

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    You're going to be able to serve on the school board now!