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  • Product Info

    This organic Colombian coffee is a delicious blend of nutty and fruity flavors- like your favorite trail mix growing up! Grown by the organic group of producers called Tolima Grande, it's full-bodied and cozy, perfect for crisp winter mornings. The Roos Crew tastes notes of toasted rye, dried cranberries, pecan praline, green grapes and brown sugar. 

    Region: Tolima, Colombia

    Altitude: 5,000- 6,200 ft
    Varietal: Castillo Caturra, Colombian
    Process: Washed

    Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew

    walnut, hazelnut, brown sugar, juicy and tart, lemon zest, dried cranberries, full-bodied and bold, pecan praline, trail mix, lemongrass, black pepper, toasted rye, molasses, grapes, 'red wine feel but white wine taste.' 

    "pecan praline / dried cranberries"

    John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale:

    You’ll be able to finally touch your toes / your stretches are deeper, grounded, and tribal.