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Organic Indonesian Flores

Coffee friends, reptile lovers, volcano admirers, gather round:

These beans helped make our Holiday Blend so delicious and we want you to try them on their own!

Grown on the rugged island of Flores, populated by komodo dragons and many a volcano, these beans benefit from the plentiful, volcanic ash in the soil.

We applaud the Bajawa cooperative farmers for their organic processes and for producing these really interesting beans despite being surrounded by dragons!

We roasted these slightly above medium to bring out a rich chocolatey component

Tastes Like

"pumpernickel toast / blackberry rhubarb"

Coffee Geek Info

Elevation: 5,000 ft
Region: East Nusa Tenggara
Varietal: Catimor, Typica, Timor Hybrids
Process: Wet-Hulled
Distributer: Royal Coffee

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