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Guatemala Antigua Capetillo Washed

To our dear coffee connoisseurs:

We have two amazing coffees coming to us from the Echeverría family of Finca Capetillo. This farm is near the Acatenango volcano in the beautiful Antigua region of Guatemala.

The Echeverría family processes coffees using both natural and washed methods, and we have both for you to try!

Same coffee cherries, same farm, but with one key difference. One batch was processed using the washed method (ie. the cherry is removed from the bean, after soaking) & the other batch was processed naturally (ie. the cherry is left to dry around the bean and then, pulped and cleaned).

So... you can enjoy either one of these coffees on their own merits. They are both delicious.

And/or! You can set up a side by side study. How sharp are your taste buds? Can you taste the difference?

Let us know!

Tastes Like

"Dr. Pepper / Brown Sugar Tang"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Antigua
Altitude: 4,600 - 4,900 ft
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Washed
Distributer: Royal Coffee New York

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