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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

It's been a long time since we've had a Yirgacheffe – one of our favorite coffees!

So, two things make this particular coffee worth your time: 
This southwest region of Yirgacheffe is known for its sophisticated washing process, designed to showcase the fragrant and distinctive qualities of the beans.
The beans themselves are heirloom varietals (called Dega and Wulicho Wachu), offering totally unique flavors and feel! 

Tastes Like

"black tea with grapefruit spritz"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Yirgacheffe, Oromia
Altitude: 7,900 ft
Varietal: Local Heirloom (Dega and Wulicho Wachu)
Process: Washed
Distributer: Intercontinental Coffee Trading

More Cupping Notes from Roos Crew:

iced tea with lemon, berry nut crunch cereal, cranberry, over steeped black tea, woody, lemon rind, powdered sugar, fruit loops with oat milk, juicy IPA

John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale:

This caffeine content is perfect for a do-nothing-day. You can't go wrong. Spend 6 hours playing with the kittens and then fall asleep and go back for 6 more. 

Also pairs well with cream and sugar and giving  your 10 year that acquired taste

Try making this coffee as a Pour Over or an AeroPress

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