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    Available for purchase In-Store only! 

    Holds 10oz of coffee!

    Rarely is oxygen the target of attack, but when it comes to storing coffee beans, it’s public enemy number one. This ubiquitous gas sucks the flavor and moisture right out of your beans, rendering them dry and bland—and nobody likes a bland bean.

    Lucky for coffee lovers, Atmos has come to the storage rescue. This airtight coffee canister features a simple twist mechanism to remove air and prevent oxidation, which means your coffee—or snacks, sweets, and “herbs”—lasts up to 50% longer.

    This is like the Airscape, but slightly more travel-friendly!

    Holds only 10oz, so it's meant more for people grinding at home.

    Save time in the morning, bring your (WAY-better-tasting) coffee to the get the idea.