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Guatemala El Morito

At long last, a Guatemala offering - this one from a family-owned farm called El Morito Estate, located in Mataquescuintla, Guatemala.

The Monterosso family established this farm in 1979 when they planted their very first coffee tree. Since then, the El Morito Estate has grown and become quite well recognized in the community and beyond, producing award-winning beans, including a Cup of Excellence award!!

Not only does the Monterosso family produce excellent coffee, they also provide access to health care and education to their workers and community, and play an active role in the conservation of the forests in the Mataquescuintla area.

Tastes Like

"dark chocolate with sea salt / plum"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Mataquescuintla, Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Altitude: 4,900 ft
Varietal: Pache & Bourbon
Process: Washed
Distributer: Intercontinental Coffee Trading

More Cupping Notes from Roos Crew:

Cocoa, stone fruit, sage, cranberries, almond, salted caramel

John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale: Put down the Red Bull, your road trip to Chicago just got that much better and more interesting. Shoot, let's go to Denver instead. It's just a little bit further.

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