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Hawaiian Kona

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    Yes, HYPE coffee, Kona coffee, coming straight to you from the Big Island!! 

    Smooth as silky pajamas and even more expensive. This is a #treatyoself moment - (or, a treat your [mom, uncle, son, crazy co-worker, lover, ex-lover, kona-freak)! 

    Only 100 bags so...while supplies last! 

    12oz bags

    [p.s. We don't recommend pre-grinding if you can help it- it diminishes the freshness! IF YOU WANT IT GROUND, PLEASE SPECIFY IN CHECKOUT NOTES. ]


    "Macadamia nut!"

    "Like walking down a black sand beach and wait, is that papaya I smell?" 

    "I've got some pineapple, but now a hint of BBQ? Maybe that's because I am dreaming of Hawaii"

    "It's smooth all the way through, from beginning to end. Why and how?"



    Rich volcanic soil along with rapidly changing trade winds (that bring in hot
    and humid air) create an excellent climate to produce these totally premium coffee. These high-grown Arabica coffee beans slowly mature, producing a distinct flavor
    profile that so many are completely obsessed with.