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Indo Flores "Komodo Dragon"

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It's the return of the Komodo Dragon from the Indonesian islands, land of wet-hulling.

What is wet-hulling and should you care about it? Well, you could stop right here, drink your coffee and enjoy its unique, full-bodied rich, low acidity juiciness. Or, you could keep reading!

Wet-hulling is a method of coffee processing adapted for Indonesia’s humid and rainy climate, where drying coffee consistently and for extended periods of time is difficult. It's a fast-paced technique for a climate where coffee grows quickly and must be processed frequently, throughout the harvest. It's quite different than the more common methods around the globe: washed, natural & honey processed.

So it's a complicated process but here's the short version:

The cherry is fermented for 24 hours to help remove the fruit from the seed.  It's left to dry for only 1 to 2 days, leaving a 50% moisture content (ie. it's still pretty wet!) before being sold and transported to where it's dried yet again to 25% moisture content before heading to the final processing center where it is wet-hulled (ie. a very intensive method of removing the final parchment). A very delicate green been is then left to dry until ready for transport.

Needless to say, there are many places for this process to go wrong, so getting a good quality, nicely balanced cup from this region is something to savor and explore.

Read more about the Wet-Hull process here!

Tastes Like

"buttery sunflower seeds / cardamom / grape jelly"

Coffee Geek Info

Region: Ngada
Altitude: 4,000 ft
Varietal: Catimor, Typica, Timor Hybrid
Process: Wet-hulled

More Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew:

nutty nut shell, chili spices, subtle grape jelly, "people who liked the holiday blend will like this," slightly bitter up front, slightly sweet/spicy in the back

John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale:

Great for multi-tasking and staying in control. Recommended for people who just want to feel like they're accomplishing things.

Try making this coffee as a Pour Over or an AeroPress

Stories Behind the Beans

The Story Behind the Beans

Lobster Butter Love

The name, but why? Yeah it’s a weird name for a coffee. This coffee does not have lobsters in it. Butter? No. So why? Here's one story which may or may not be true: John Roos came up with the name while biking along Huron River Drive. Searching for the most delectable and delicious thing he could think of, he began chanting "Lobster, Lobster, Lobster, Butter, Love" while he pedaled, madly. The name stuck and so did the red LBL logo that he sketched out while on a surf trip in Maine. Or Bermuda. Or somewhere where they have a lot of lobsters, no one’s quite sure.

About the beans: A highly-addictive, Sumatra-based blend that has a smooth, creamy body with low acidity and nutty aftertones. It’s super drinkable and by far, our most popular coffee. If you’re new to RoosRoast, start here.



Rich French Neighbor 

John has had many lifetimes as a chef. He lived in Miami, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New York, San Diego. For a while, he even owned a creperie in the south of France. One weekend, he and his girlfriend went away to the St. Cézaire mountains, up the road from a small village called Fox De Perole, where she owned a small rustic cabin with dirt floors. It was a crisp, beautiful morning and the coffee was tasting fine. His girlfriend agreed but added, "Probably not as good as... that guy's," nodding to the giant mansion nestled in the hills above. This is THAT rich french neighbor's coffee, the REALLY good stuff.

About the beans: This is our version of a french roast - chocolatey, rich and full bodied.



A-A Cowboy 

People think the AA stands for Ann Arbor but that’s aspirational in regards to Ann Arbor’s cowboy culture. On the other hand there are lots of cowboys living in Wyoming where John lived for awhile while cooking at a high-end dude ranch called A-Bar-A. He developed this coffee for the ranch when he first started roasting.

About the beans: Notes of buttermilk, caramel and a crisp finish, for modern cowboys and people of all sorts.  Has a little bit of acidity to it. It’s our lightest blend.





Roos Machine Blend

RoosRoast was built on journals, poetry and creativity. We love a good old typewriter, don’t you?

About the beans: Complexity. Paradox. A hint of sweet orange. Good for espresso shots and a whole lot more. The blend is designed for a complex and intense espresso shot but is also amazing as regular brew!







Mother Pheasant Plucker

Actually this name was invented by former RR roaster, Brian Barch who is a tracker, birder and naturalist. Repeating the name frequently and correctly is a test used by police to test alcohol levels in drivers. (Well, if this isn’t true, it should be!)

About the beans: Buttermilk biscuits and apricot jam. Very caramel and just a little darker than Cowboy. It’s a great offering for medium roast lovers and a staff favorite.





Bad Ass Women Blend

The name refers to the ladies at the former Bona Sera Supper Club in Ypsilanti – bad ass women who asked John to come up with a special blend for their new restaurant. The logo came from a painting series John did called “Girls With Guns” when he was living in Wyoming where lots of young women out there practiced skeet shooting. The guns have been edited out of the picture so as not to freak people out. Come to RoosRoast HQ to see the original painting.

About the beans: Perfect medium dark loveliness with a hint of dark chocolate cherry. Similar roast profile to Lobster Butter Love, but carries some unique fruity undertones.



Portland in the 90s

John actually lived in Portland in the 90s and this is when his (adult) passion for coffee began. (He started drinking Folgers early, practically at his mother’s teat.) Coffee culture has since evolved but sometimes, heck, you just wanted a friggin’ deep dark cup of coffee that makes you know you’re alive. The dream of the 90s is alive, in Ann Arbor and at RoosRoast.

About the beans: This is a truly dark-ass roast with just the right amount of roasty toasty marshmallow before it blows up like a burning asteroid at your kid-friendly bbq party. If you're looking for more of an Italian roast, this is your game. Not for the faint of heart.



Lobster Butter Decaf 

Not to be confused with the Lobster Butter Love! Listen to your family when they tell you you’ve had enough coffee and switch to decaf.

About the beans: There is no shame in decaf, especially when it tastes this good. Medium dark, just like Lobster Butter Love. FTO and Swiss Water Processed. 







Decaf for Dreamers

This is a sketch of John’s niece, Riley, from awhile back when she was a baby and John became an uncle for the first time. So listen – John, the new uncle, *did* skateboard with the baby in his arms. She’s fine now, but, in general, we don’t advise skateboarding with a newborn. Perhaps this decaf would have been a better choice for that day.

About the beans: One of two of our much loved and delicious decaf coffees – this one is for medium roast lovers. We go to great lengths to source AMAZING and satisfying decaf coffee that won’t get you all jacked up and weird. FTO and Swiss-Water Processed.
A song written by Brian Konicek, winner of the 2021 RoosRoast Talent Show, that includes references to all our roasts! Can you spot them all?
Indo Flores "Komodo Dragon"

Indo Flores "Komodo Dragon"