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Congo Bongo - Organic

We’ve never featured a Congolese coffee before! This coop is 20 miles west of the Rwanda border. The Soprocopiv coop was created by the farmers in 2004 who were motivated to improve their lives - specifically to improve health care and education. Their focus on good processing techniques that are supported by organic certification have led to development of better coffee.

Coop members have the economic benefit of a sustainable income so they can reinvest and continue to improve their techniques in planting, growing and processing to ensure consistent, high quality coffee.

attributes: Balanced acidity, medium body
flavors: tangy red plum and almond overtone

Origin country Congo
region: North Kivu
masl: 1500+
season: August - December
grower: Soprocopiv Coop
process:  fully washed
drying: Patio Sun Dried
varietal:  Bourbon
certification: USDA Organic

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