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RoosRoast Original Art Logo Stickers

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    Show your love of art, coffee and sticky things with this sticker selection of original RR logo artwork created by John Roos himself!!

    All the stickers are die-cut and generally a rectangle shape.

    They can go anywhere you want to put them! Your bike helmet? Your cat*? Your beat up and beloved old guitar? The world is yours to decorate.

    Badass Women Sticker: Size 3 x 2.5"

    Bike Thru Coffee Logo Sticker: Size 2.5 x 3.5"

    Lobster Butter Love Sticker: Size 3 x 2.5"

    Portland in the 90s Sticker: Size 5 x 3"

    Rich French Neighbor Sticker: Size 5 x 3"


    *not compatible with actual living cats, just fyi.