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Sumatra Kerinci

Sumatra Kerinci (semi-washed) Photos of the process
A speciality Arabica coffee from Sumatra, the land of Robusta? YES!!! TRY THIS!!
"The highest elevation in Sumatra is stranded in the middle of Robusta country. Mount Kerinci (and Kerinci forest preserve) is home to orangutans, tigers, elephants and old dutch plantations which were dusted off and replanted with Arabica after the 2009 Tsunami. This USAID-led development project ended years ago, leaving hundreds of farmers - formerly fishermen - with all the tools they needed to succeed. Except a market. Kerinci is two days drive from the coffee city of Medan, and these transplants didn't have the relationships to bridge the distance. It took a few years and single-prop jungle landings to bridge the gap, but now we are getting fully washed, semi washed and wet hulled coffee from this truly novel source." 
Coffee Tastes Like....
"Earthy and complex"
"There's something like fruit leather in here!"
"This is really good as espresso."
More coffee geek notes:
Elevation: 5,200 - 5,500 ft
Harvest Cycle: Oct - Dec
No. Farmers: N/A
Total Produced:  62 Bags
Lot Separation: By collector / process
Varietals: Lini S795
Washing Method: Wet Hulled
Drying Method: Raised beds / Patio

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