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Ugandan Rwenzori

The story of this Ugandan coffee is just as extraordinary as the coffee itself. These microlot heavy body beans are only found in this small portion of the world and have to pass many inspections to reach us. A natural processed coffee from Uganda!

Tasting notes: orange marmalade, sweet strawberry cheesecake, with a cinnamon finish.

Roast: light roast


The glacier-capped Rwenzori range – also known as the Mountains of the Moon - stretches between Rwanda, Congo and up the western Ugandan border. This is where you will find the Bakonzo people, and a unique type of coffee found nowhere else in the world, called Drugar.
Drugar stands for Dried Ugandan Arabica; they are Uganda’s version of naturals. Over the past five years the locals have been investing in the growing methods of these coffee beans.
Cherry is collected, sorted, and then trucked to the nearby town of Kisingi where it is floated, sorted and then floated again before going through the pulper. This coffee is dried in Kisingi and then trucked back through miles and miles of Robusta territory to Arabica Mills in Kampala where the coffee is cleaned again, cupped, milled, graded and bulked for export through Momobasa.

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