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Finally, your video game addiction is appreciated and encouraged.

All you have to do is come to RoosRoast and pay Pac-Man like you were already going to do.

Your quarters and coffee-fueled arcade sessions now fund the new Edge of Your Seat Award. Which will be given out to a skilled and nervous independent filmmaker at the 62nd Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Boom, easy.

What is The Edge of Your Seat Award??

A collaboration between A2FF and RoosRoast!

A brand new award!


This award will be given to the film most captivating for audiences and draws them fully into the artist's vision and onto the edge of their seat.

wait... RoosRoast has arcade games???

YES. Isn't that cool?!

Located at Liberty and Rosewood, these games originally belonged to the Dad of former AAFF Director Donald Harrison.

It was a family business and we're stoked to keep the last two of Al "Ten Pin Alley" Harrison's arcade games going strong.

So go for it!

Only .25 cents to play!

Get caffeinated, challenge all your friends to an epic pixelated battle.

Take your pick. The loser has to:

1. buy your ticket to the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

2. bring the cold brew all summer.

3. cartwheel across the entire Diag.

4. Pay for the next round of Pac-Man.

The Edge of Your Seat

Wanna know more? Watch this video! Donald Harrison and John Roos can explain it all while simultaneously beating each other at Pac-Man.

We're not sure who won, but we did have fun.

Go see the the 62nd AAFF! Go see who wins this award! It's all happening. Like, really soon.

(March 26-31, 2024)

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