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RoosRoast Enviro-Ethics: Our Take

Solar Power!


Sustainably Sourced Coffee!

Compostable & Reusable!

Employee Benefits!

Things we care about... like, people & the planet!

RoosRoast is committed to the local eco-system: the community, the people who work here everyday, and the planet earth we call home. It's not so easy being a business these days, but we are trying! Keep reading for all the things we are doing to be a smart, ethical and sustainable business.

RoosRoast Goes Solar!

jogn and kath roos on the solar powered rooftop at roosroast headquarters

Soak up the sun

RoosRoast has been running on solar power since the summer of 2020! Every inch of the Rosewood HQ building is covered with solar panels. Solar power powers (hehe) our Rosewood cafe and all those espresso drinks you love!

solar power panels in roosroast

On one level, this was not a “practical” business choice...

Honestly, it will be a long time before we ever make our money back.

Going green is not easy or cheap. But gazing at this panel makes us happy.

john roos on the roof with solar panels in winter

Solar roof tour

Climb up on the RoosRoof with us and check out the panels! With bonus snowball throwing content.

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How RoosRoast Roasts the Beans

Meet the RoosRoast Roaster!

In 2015 we were the first roaster in Michigan to invest in the eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster™. This roaster was damn expensive, yes, BUT it uses 80% LESS energy than an equivalent roaster of its kind! So, yes, we thought it was worth it.

illustration of the loring roaster at roosroast

Loring Facts!

This is Michigan's 1st Loring Roaster!

Our Loring uses 80% less energy.

It eliminates smoke by burning its own smoke!!

We named her Santa Rosa.

Reduce, Reuse, Compost

Certified Compostable

We pay more for compostable cups and bags!! Styrofoam should just not be a thing. So if you MUST use a to-go cup (do you really though???) you can rest assured your single-use cup will NOT last till the end of time. Thank you, worms.

compostable cups by roosroast
refillable bean containers at roosroast

BYOC (Bring Your Own Container!)

So what if we didn't have any single-use packaging at all? Can we dream?

This is long journey, and we need your help! Did you know we give you a discount when you:

1. Bring back your coffee bags for coffee bean refills (50 ¢ off)

2. Bring your own travel mug for drinks (50 ¢ off)

3. Bring back tea tins ($1 off teas)

4. Buy a growler and fill it with cold brew ($2 difference)

You feel good, we feel good. You save $$ and there's just less plastic and waste, and all the energy used to make the packaging or even recycle it, can be used for something more important.

Blog: The complete byoc guide

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

hands holding green beans prior to roasting

Where Do We Get the Beans?

Fair trade is a complicated term in this globalized world. But we rely on trusted partners to find us ethically sourced coffee, from farms that serve their communities. Our partners develop long-term relationships with farmers and everyone benefits from a coffee industry that thrives at every level of the economy.

a smiling employee holding as many five pound bags of roosroast coffee as possible

What's the deal with Certified Organic?

You will notice, *most* of our coffees are Fair Trade Organic. Why not all?! Believe it or not, there are economic barriers to becoming Fair Trade Organic. The bureacratice hoops involved in getting certified can be overwhelming.

There are a few beans in our Lobster Butter Love blend (and occasionally other coffees) that we just can’t get certified organic.

Sometimes, a coffee may not be certified as organic but we know that these farmers use organic processes, so we feel good about it. And you can too!

Working at RoosRoast

Employee Sustainability

We care about the RoosCrew. Since 2015, we've been working to make RoosRoast a sustainable job for our staff with healthcare, 401K and bonuses.

You love our crew, we love each other!

Thank You!

For supporting our small weird-o business and our continued efforts to do some good in our corner of the world. It's not easy being green, but it is definitely a worthy goal.

modern blend bag hand printed at roosroast

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