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Return Policy

All online sales are final. We do not accept returns on merchandise or coffee.  

RoosRoast Coffee Corporation is not responsible for damaged or lost packages, but we do want to help make it right! If your package was shipped via USPS or UPS, that carrier is responsible for the damage that occurs while your package is in transit. Let us know if your package was damaged or lost so we can begin the claims process with the carrier on your behalf. Contact or (734) 222-9202.


Help! I’ve made a mistake! Can I edit or cancel it?

Admitting your mistake is the first step towards healing. Bravo! We’ve been there and are here for you, you fellow imperfect human you. 

We are pretty speedy at getting shipments shipped. So, let us know as soon as you realize your mistake! If it hasn’t shipped yet, we got you. Just let us know as soon as possible.

Contact: or (734) 222-9202

Shoot! I put in the wrong shipping address! Can you help?

Well darn! Here’s the good news: While we aren’t responsible for you giving us the wrong address, we just might be able to change the shipping address - if it hasn’t shipped yet. But our speedy delivery team is super speedy! So, let us know as soon as you realize what happened.

Contact: or (734) 222-9202

The bad news is that if your order has shipped, that’s that. And, because we can’t reroute your order and we do not accept returns, your next step (if you so choose) is to place a new order and ship it to the address you originally intended. (Life lessons, am I right?)

Bright side? Somebody is gonna feel some big Lobster Butter Love feels from you when that surprise RoosRoast order hits their doorstep. (You really are so generous!) 

RoosCrew, you made a mistake with my order. How are you going to make this right?

If we have made a mistake and the order you received is incorrect, gosh darn it, please reach out ASAP so we can make it right! The RoosCrew is diligent and detailed, and we are imperfect humans who make mistakes. But we own them and will do everything we can to make it right. 

Thanks in advance for understanding and letting us know as soon as you realize what happened. 

Contact: or (734) 222-9202