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by Erin Wakeland •

We Met Through Coffee - Coffee Love Stories

There’s something inherently intimate about coffee; maybe because it’s the first thing you put in your body on any given morning or perhaps we taste the sweat equity that goes into producing a cup from plant to processing, to transporting to roasting. It’s a cup of ritualistic care, comfort, and well, passionate love. I had an inkling that once we sent out the "Call for stories about love and coffee", the flood gates would open, spilling out with beans and highly caffeinated cupids. After all, John and Kath Roos of RoosRoast met through coffee: Kath had heard about a guy in Ann Arbor who was roasting his own beans. She met him in a parking lot where he sold her a bag of coffee from the trunk of his Subaru. That was John Roos and many coffees later, they were married and had a baby.  Needless to say, coffee can do magical things. We received stories from people bonded together by their love of the bean, people who had their first date at RoosRoast, people who met while working in coffee shops, and many more. Love and coffee is a thing and, clearly, RoosRoast is a matchmaking machine.  Some stories are edited for brevity sake, but scroll through the informal data straight from the RR community that shows us this: Forget the drunken bar scene - the coffee shop is an *awake* way to meet your next lover.