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The Complete, Ultimate Guide to Sustainability & $avings at RoosRoast!

Posted on April 19 2022, By: John Roos

Sustainability & Single-Use Packaging

Yes, we love to recycle and compost! Just like you! In fact, we pay extra and work harder to provide compostable and recyclable containers whenever possible.

But let's face it, green materials are still a work in progress, and it still takes ALOT of energy to produce and process all these single-use materials!

So...what if we figured out how not to dispose of anything at all? No more paper cups!? or coffee bags?

Are you willing to try it out? Because we've got options! And we have $$ discounts for your hard work. Together, we can do this, Ann Arbor!

So keep reading for the ultimate guide to everything refillable and reusable at RoosRoast.

We support your Zero Waste Lifestyle with...discounts!

blue airscape by roosroast

Bring Your Own Bean Container

Save 50¢ per lb!

We can refill your empty coffee bag, airscape, mason jar and more with the coffee of your choice.*

*at Rosewood HQ only, see below!

refillable growler from roosroast

*new* 64 oz Refillable Cold Brew Growlers

Save $2

Growler: $9 Cold Brew Refill: $16

(vs reg bottle at $18/each)

Your growler pays for itself in about 4 refills AND there's no plastic to throw away!

Bring Your Own To Go Mug

Save 50¢ on your drink!

All our single use, to-go cups are certified compostable, but better yet, let us refill your travel mug!

(and affordable mason jars available at both stores for $2/each. if you ever forget yours!)

RoosRoast Coffee Beans: Locations & Refill Options

refillable bean containers at roosroast

Rosewood Roasting HQ & Cafe

This is your place for full refill options on all RoosRoast beans and for bulk buying!

The full line-up of roasted RR beans are available here. Bulk buying is available in increments of lbs and 1/2 lbs!

refillable bean container

RR Downtown Liberty

The full line-up is available here too! Your preferred blend is now available for BYOC refills at Liberty. Yay!

visit the RoosRoast stand at the farmers market in ann arbor, michigan

A2 Farmer's Market

Only Lobster Butter Love at the market. Stay tuned!

(We will take your old bags to recycle, though!)

Quick FAQs on Bean Refills

RoosRoast Roastery & Cafe on Rosewood: Yes, if it's a RoosRoast coffee, we can refill your container with it!

Downtown location: Ditto!

A2 Farmer's Market: Lobster Butter Love only!

(But why the limitations? Sorry, there's not enough room at the Farmer's Market to store all the beans in bulk! )

At Rosewood Roastery HQ, yes!

Here at the roaster, we can accommodate major bulk buying. At the other locations, you will have to check with the staff - we can't guarantee that we have enough beans in bulk at all times!

Hey, we're not picky, just make it clean!

Old coffee bag? sure!

Mason jar? Yes.

Random plastic tub? ok!

Just makes sure it holds in 1/2 lb or 1 lb increments.

[If you're grinding coffee, we recommend purchasing an Airscape (or two) - it will help keep your coffee fresh!]

YES! We totally can. We'll ask you for your intended brewing method and grind accordingly right into your own container.

Just make sure you are keeping your coffee fresh! We recommend buying a vacuum-sealed Airscape for best freshness!

Yes, save 50 ¢ per lb everytime you bring your own container!

Industrial Coffee Bag Recycling

man recycling paper coffee bag

You can recycle your coffee bag! Any kind - at both Rosewood and Liberty cafes.

Basically all coffee bags are coated with a thin film of plastic (and other materials, plus coffee oils!) that make it impossible to recycle in your city's recycling centers. The tech is still catching up to create affordable recycable, coffee bags or truly compostable coffee bags.

So, we found TerraCycle!

Look for the box at both locations and bring us your used bags. When the TerraCycle recycling box is full to the brim, we package it up and send it off to be industrially recycled. Yay!

Thanks for your efforts!

We're working together to experiment with a less wasteful lifestyle. We appreciate you and the planet we share.

Enjoy the sky, the flowers, the beautiful green and blue pulsing miracle of it all.