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RoosRoast Catering

Do you need to caffeinate a large-ish group of people?

Yes, we have options.

Place your order by calling us 734-222-9202, everyday 8a -4p.

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The Box  -  $30 / serves 12

Small Cambro  -  $70 / serves 32

Large Cambro  -  $140 / serves 64

All catering options include: 10oz cups, napkins, stir sticks, sugar packets, and cream.


Can you deliver the coffee?

Sorry, no - currently all our catering options are Pick-Up Only! And we ask that you return the cambros in 24 hrs, thanks!

Can I choose my pick-up location?

Yes! Boxes and small cambros can be picked up at both our Liberty and Rosewood locations.

(Large cambros are available only at Rosewood, though!)

How do I place an order?

Please give us 24 hours to prepare your order. Give us a call at 734-222-9202 during business hours, Mon-Sun 8am-4pm or send an email to

Can I choose my coffee?

Yes, all the RoosRoast blends are an option, including decaf for evening events!

Coffee Guide
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Catering Details

Pick up only - pick up at both locations! (Large cambros only available at Rosewood.)

Please give us at least 24 hour notice!

Place your order by calling us at 734-222-9202, M-Sun, 8am-4p. Payment at time of order is preferred.

Return cambros within 24 hours.

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