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What is this video, you may ask? Do you ever wonder how a wandering ski bum, chef, self-taught artist and Ann Arbor-native, settled down long enough to create a legitimate coffee roasting company?

warning: this story has been abbreviated for time and therefore is of questionable accuracy.

here's what people say about RoosRoast

Best coffee roaster in the continental US. Screw you if you don't believe me - YELP reviewer

"[RoosRoast] is the greatest thing since birth control." - James R.

Let me just say that the Portland dark roast coffee is hands down, one of the best tasting coffees that I've ever had. If you love full bodied dark, rich coffee, you need to try this! It's full flavor is dark without any bitterness, which is what I love. All their coffees are good but this Portland dark roast is a dream come true! And the biggest bonus, it's organic!!! The folks who work are all so friendly and fabulous, always smiling and very welcoming. I give them 10 stars. - Arleen G

“...The staff are all knowledgeable, laid back, and funny as hell. I'm 97% sure that they're hired not just for their coffee prowess, but their ability to dish sick banter while pouring liquid ambrosia. 5/5 hurry up and give RoosRoast your business already unless you're a wet blanket with terrible taste in coffee. In that case you're beyond help. Go back to Starbucks or something.” - Yelp Review

You know, there are places and then there are PLACES. Roos is firmly in the all-caps-high-marks-bold-font-jazz-hands category of coffee-roasting-community-space-beverage-bonanaz-you-really-don't-want-to-go-anywhere-else kind of PLACE! High marks for accessibility, welcoming attitude, barista banter, and great music. Oh, and the coffee? It's excellent. - William P

"Thank you! I love your coffee! I'm finally getting a subscription plan so I don't go into a meltdown panic when I see those last beautiful beans at the bottom of the bag!" - Web Order Note

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