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Dear Coffee Drinking People,

I have seen many Thanksgivings and felt the effects of food, family and fun. So I know something about Turkey day.

If you are vegan or vegetarian I get you because I eat more vegetables and carbs than I do roasts, burgers, sausage, bacon or wings, but when thanksgiving rolls around I like a tender juicy turkey as much as the next person. In fact my screen saver on my phone is a roast turkey.

We feel the most holiday pressure at Thanksgiving for various reasons, and I respect everything about giving and being grateful. But for this message I’m going to mainly focus on trying to find order in the chaos of home cooking for a large group of people.

The question here is how many cups of coffee are necessary to get you thru the holiday?

Chat GPT will tell you to be safe and sane you shouldn’t drink more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee but let’s be realistic folks this is a full blown crazy fest celebrating people, gratitude, and a turkey. I mean Thanksgiving is the ultimate pretend-fake-day-of-living-in-self-control.

How often do any of us cook a large, really large, non-flying bird, in an oven with tons of side dishes - hot and cold, steamed and sautéed, whisked and inspired with the intention that everything will be ready at once? Is it magic? (No, it’s coffee.)

Juicy slices of turkey falling away from the bone, steaming mashed potatoes, extraordinary dressing with crispy bits, silky smooth gravy as hot as the hot buttery rolls, yes, gravy so much gravy! And gracious, patient, starving people gathered around a table to share in the calories and conversation.

Basically - you are going to need so much coffee to pull this off. And not just any coffee - you need RoosRoast, that inspired brew.

Keep the fresh pots flowing all day, from your pre-dawn list making to the last bite of pumpkin pie.

Have the best thanksgiving and thanks for drinking RoosRoast.