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Welcome to the Cylindrical Object Fan Club

Roos Teas are now in BIODEGRADABLE TUBES!

jasmine citrus tea tube gif

Yup, tins are out and tubes are IN!

We have transitioned from metal tins to brand new, eco-friendly 100% pulp paper tubes for our loose leaf tea packaging.

Sure, the old metal tins were totally reusable, but COMPOSTABLE paper tubes really scratched our eco-itch.

This change isn't just about aesthetics (although check out that label redesign, thanks Laura!) This is another determined step in our philosophical belief that enviro-friendly business practices are just the better way to go.

Scroll on for nerdy sustainability tube details and reuse ideas!

Tea tube quick facts:

a pyramid of pulp paper tea tubes

What's with pulp paper?

It's better! Pulp paper is renewable and naturally biodegradable. Crafted using FSC certified materials, not only is each tube compostable, recyclable, and reusable but the materials to make them come from sustainably harvested forests!

It's a big biodegradable circle of love and, oh man, we're feeling it. You're invited, come on in.

matcha green tea in pulp paper tube and a whisk

So what is FSC Certified?

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. Being "FSC Certified" means that a product or material, such as wood or paper, comes from responsibly managed forests.

And that means the raw materials in these tubes came from FSC-certified forests, or from post-consumer recycled sources, and have been tracked through the entire supply chain to ensure their responsible origin.

It's about protecting eco-systems and respecting the indigenous people who live in these forests! We're sunk without our forests, so let's keep them around, yes? Yes.

you don't need our permission to let your creativity run amok

but we will give you a good excuse for it.

paint brushes and pencils in tea tubes

Pssst.. your tea tube is also a canvas!

It's paper, people!! These tubes are literally a canvas waiting for your art. Break out your colored pencils, your watercolors, your sharpies. Once you've enjoyed all the tea, draw, paint, and even store your art supplies.

What else you do with these tubes is between you and your imagination. Cylindrical objects have never been so inspiring.

You could turn your tube into...

  • A rain stick!
  • A kaleidoscope!
  • A cryptic message holder?

You'll figure it out. Peruse more ideas below and have fun!

Store fragile things, like ornaments!

You could even use these tubes to store your collection of tiny disco ball Christmas tree ornaments.

... Is that just us?

Go to seed

Poke out a few drainage holes in the bottom, fill with soil, and boom, you have a seed starter!! Since it's literally paper, so go ahead and write 'Herbs' directly on the tube. Bonus points if you do it in rainbow colored pencil.

When your seedy babies are ready, pop out the bottom of the tube (or let it just biodegrade in the dirt) and transplant the whole thing directly into your garden.

So there you have it, tea-drinking pals,

Whether you're just in it for the tea, plan to use these tubes as your solution to oddly shaped gifts (socks?) or it's another step towards that zero-waste way of life, we're so glad you're here on the sustainability journey with us. Cheers to the tubes, and cheers to you!

tea strainer sky blue color

Don't forget your tea infuser!

Our teas come loose leaf, be prepared and grab your stainless steel tea infuser here.