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What in the world is matcha!?

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So this blog will show you how to properly make matcha at home and use a bamboo whisk (aka the ultimate matcha-making tool).

OK- But what is matcha???

Matcha is a finely ground, highly concentrated, powdery, green tea. Matcha exclusively comes from Japan and it is rich with history and tradition. It has loads of health benefits- buzzwords like antioxidants, cancer-fighting compounds, and it is both energizing AND calming. Whoa, it does everything!

It must be dissolved in hot water in order to drink! Matcha tastes bright, grassy, can be a little bitter and also naturally sweet! It's complex and delicious.

Watch the video and read below to find out more on the actual making of the matcha:

Step 1: Matcha, Meet Cup

Measure out 1 teaspoon of matcha. More can make your cup bitter. If you want to get geeky, measure with a scale!

(In general, 2 grams powder to 70 –80 grams of water/milk in the final cup, is a pleasing taste.)

Step 2: Add a Sweetener (if you like)

Our default is honey, but you can add simple syrup, maple syrup, regular sugar, whatever you want! High grade matcha is naturally sweet, but since this can be an acquired taste, the sweetener will help make the matcha a little more balanced.

If you forgo the sweetener and milk, that is called a thin or usucha matcha. It's a traditional way of drinking matcha and will help you discover the complex flavor notes of the matcha even more!

Step 3: Dissolve in Hot Water

Add a bit of hot water to dissolve the matcha and honey.

A general rule is:

2 grams of powder = 70-80 grams of water or milk.

Step 4: Matcha, Meet Whisk!

Spoons just don't cut it when it comes to matcha. They stir, sure, but they don't blend, integrate, dissolve! So that is why you need a bamboo matcha whisk. Plus, the bamboo won't change the taste of your matcha.

Without the whiskers of the whisk your matcha will be clumpy, chalky, and poorly oxygenated.


Gently prod the matcha with the whisk to break up any matcha clumps. Once clumps are gone, whisk in a back and forth motion swiftly and steadily until the matcha dissolves, becomes creamy and a little frothy.

Take your time, enjoy the transformation. Matcha is a meditative experience after all!

matcha being made at roosroast

Step 5: Add Steamed Milk, if Desired.

You can drink you matcha "thin" with just hot water, or you can add steamed milk (or cold milk! Make it iced!) Remember to rinse your matcha whisk under warm water immediately to keep it in whiskin' shape.

Then, enjoy your matcha! You deserve it!