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RoosRoast Fellow Travel Mug: Get Cozy Edition

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    Let's set the scene: Your cat son is curled up on his favorite chair. You're writing by the lamplight, madly. Ideas are flowing and so is the coffee, the room aglow. You're cozy and you're caffeinated. A dear friend has stopped by to share a cup. There's plenty to go around. The outside world? A bit chilly. But you? You're warm inside.

    This is the NEW fun and functional Fellow Travel Mug featuring original drawings by John Roos. The travel mug for those who prefer to stay inside. 

    If you know Fellow, you know how amazing these mugs are. If you don't, let us share the good news:

    1. They are very well made, and made to last!
    2. Comes with a splash guard so your coffee doesn't flow out too fast! Also good for riding your bike one handed.
    3. Tight seal! You can literally throw your coffee-filled mug in your bag and it won’t spill.
    4. Ceramic lining that doesn’t make your coffee taste gross (like metal.)
    5. Oh my god, keeps your coffee hot. (Sometimes TOO hot - you’re like, “will this cool down already so I can drink it?”)

    Go paperless, let’s do it, coffee-lovers! (And remember, .50 off your drink when you bring your own mug to RoosRoast locations!)

    18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and steel lid, inner ceramic coating